Impacted Wisdom Teeth

March 21, 2011

As the owner of Burien Family Dentistry in Burien, Washington, Dr. Parivash Khajavi performs a range of dental care services for adults and children, including the extraction of impacted third molars, otherwise known as wisdom teeth. For most people, four wisdom teeth begin to come into place in the late teens or early twenties. Many individuals, however, are missing one or more of their third molars, and still more experience the eruption of wisdom teeth outside of the normal age range. The vast majority of individuals suffer from impacted wisdom teeth that were not able to emerge fully and in the correct position. Wisdom teeth become impacted for a variety of reasons, including lack of room on the jawbone, obstruction by other teeth, and poor angulation. Since the most common reason is a lack of physical space in the jaw, scientists theorize that wisdom teeth become impacted primarily due to our modern diet and dental care. Previously, a diet of harder foods and poor dental hygiene resulted in more wear on our teeth, giving the third molars space to grow after our teenage years.


Failure to remove impacted third molars can result in tooth crowding, a process that causes previously aligned teeth to lose their positions, as well as infections or even cysts. The extraction process is usually quick and most individuals recover within a few days. Although the process can be painful, anesthetic and pain relievers allow Dr. Parivash Khajavi to render a patient’s experience as comfortable as possible. For any questions about third molar impaction or the extraction process, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Parivash Khajavi at Burien Family Dentistry.


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